First prelim, I am still in awe that we actually got here. You are all all probably sick of my sappy posts but I have to make one more. It has been a long road but we finally did it. Five years together and he still surprises me everyday he makes me a better rider but also a better person by forcing me to own up to my mistakes learn from them. What’s even more special is he has shown me that this isn’t the end of the road for us. I can’t wait to see what the next five years hold for us but regardless of anything else he always knows he has a forever home with my family no matter what for the rest of his days. I love this horse to the end of the earth for helping me achieve what I never thought I would.

Escape Velocity~Copper Meadows~ Preliminary Rider~ 8th Place~ September 2014

You two are absolutely fabulous and I love you both. I can’t wait until the day when I can photograph some of your rounds. You should be so proud of mr. Riley and yourself for getting where you are. <3

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